Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In the 21 days I have been on the road I have pedalled about 1,770km. I have crossed one international border and two state borders. Traversed from prairie farmland, to foothills, plateaus, mountains, high prairie desert and am now back in prairie farmland. I have seen bison, bear, elk, pronghorn, deer, and many different species of birds. And though all of these thing have been beautiful in their own way; the most beautiful thing that I have seen on my journey, has been THE KIND HEARTS OF STRANGERS.

Not a day goes by when I do not witness the outstretched hand of a stranger.

I stop for a rest on the side of the road; 5 people stop to offer me a ride, water, or just help out. (if I had taken all the rides I have been offered I would be in Guatemala by now!!)

If I talk to someone for a few moments about what I am doing and why; they do not hesitate to offer a personal donation to my trip, a meal, a free nights stay in a campsite or even an invitation into their home.

Nothing could have prepared me for the absolute generosity that I have witnessed from people who have never met me before and are unlikely to ever meet me again! My faith in the human race has been restored (not that it was ever completely lost.).But, I am inspired!( not to mention all the donations received from strangers!)

I never did really understand the common teaching of a mother to a child: Don't talk to strangers!....for everyone is a stranger, until you say hello.

I now want to take a minute to remind everyone that I am not just doing this trip to satisfy my sense of adventure (though an adventure it definitely is!). Nor am I doing it as another ride for cancer or MS. Where if not enough money is raised to accomplish the goal, there will always be someone coming behind to put in the effort to raise that extra money needed. The beneficiaries of this ride are a small, but very deserving group of people who have no one else to speak for them. WE ARE THEIR ONLY VOICE!. It is guaranteed that every dollar raised will go directly to the building and running of the LEARNING CENTER. If we do not reach the necessary amount to get it up and running, who knows when these beautiful people we be provided with the learning opportunities they so deserve.

I may be alone on the road, but I AM NOT and CAN NOT be alone on this mission. I NEED your continued support. More importantly the people of the island NEED YOUR SUPPORT.
Skip out on Starbucks, beers after work... or any other simple indulgences you may take part in for one week. If you still can't donate; then spread the word!!.... tell any schools, Churches, or other groups you may be a part of, tell you local media... TELL EVERYONE YOU CAN!!

Let us prove to the world that there are still people who do things for reasons other than their own personal benefit, simply out of the good of their heart. And let us prove that these people are not confined to any particular location or religion.

Kind-hearted people are where I came from, where I am going. They are from ALL corners of the Earth. From ALL walks of life!


I may be riding my bike a very long way, but the funds we raise will carry the people of the island much, much further!

A link to the fundraising page:

in hindsight I wish I had pictures of all the people who have helped me out to post on here but I shall make a list of thanks due... (if I miss someone it is not because I am not greatful, but the list is virtually endless)


My family who are very supportive and helping in plannin my route
Adam Clarke, John Morgan, and Rasta Punch (helping to spreadd the word in Nicaragua)
ALL who have donated..a special thanks to those who do not know me or the island
All newspapers who have helped spread the word ( booster and Canadian in camrose, Riverton Ranger, and Torrington paper in Wyoming)
Campgrounds who have let me stay free or discounted rate ( Henderson Lake, AB., Grand Teton and Riverton RV Parks, WY...probably more can't think of right now)
Tom Harnish of Glendo, WY. (landlocked rescue diver who shared his home, his boat, and his diving stories with me in Glendo)
Fr. Eckley Macklin ( donated Sleeping bag and gear)
Lore, Frank and their dog Tar (donated $50 and breakfast in Riverton)
Jesse the construction worker ( short ride and search for lost sleeping bag)
Pete Peterson ( helped me when I lost my sleeping bag in Dubois and had the Church put me up)
Church in Dubois(paid for a nights stay when lost sleeping bag)
Julie and John (dinner and company in yellowstone)
Robert Patterson ( tour of yellowstone, use of camera and company for a day)
People of Monarch and Neihart (donations of food and funds)
Biker man (ride out of the winds)



Thanks again guys.. I will do another post on details of the last few days

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