Thursday, September 20, 2012

Into.... and out of the mountains

Sooo, I just spent over an hour writing a wonderful new update... however, apparently it wasn't automatically saving and I lost it all when I went to publish, it is getting dark and I need to find a campsite. So I will write a quick little entry to let you know where I am and will go into further detail when the opportunity presents it's self. sorry guys. As I have said before and I am sure I will say again.. I HATE technology.

In the few days since I have last updated I have gone over 220 horizontal km and a fare few vertical as well. I have entered and exited the beautiful scenery of the LITTLE BELT MOUNTAINS, met some wonderful people, seen my first groups of wildlife ( mostly deer species; white tails, muleys, and pronghorns), AND have injured the same ankle AGAIN- causing it to swell to a diameter greater than that of the calf that proceeds it (but anyone who knows me will know that my intentions are to ignore the injury completely continuing on at a normal pace)

I am now in LIVINGSTON, MT.
 Tomorrow should mark my last day in Montana as well as my entry into YELLOWSTONE PARK. After that I should be staying with some friends of the family and taking a bit of time to explore the park so this should give me ample opportunity to get this blog up to date and some photos added). Sorry for the inconvenience of not a full update. Will fully inform ASAP.


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  1. Hope your ankle gets better soon. How's the knee been feeling.
    Hope all goes well, enjoy your journey...