Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The crazy plan to ride about 6, 840km for the learning center: How it came about and what it entails

First a little background on the last little while in the life of Steph:
  I just got back to Canada on July 27th, 2012. The first time back in the country for 3yrs, the last 2 and a half of which I was living on Little Corn Island teaching diving.

 Pretty much immediately after reaching, I was deciding how to leave as soon as possible.

It is NOT that I don't love my country or the wonderful friends and family I have here. I DO and ALWAYS will. This is my home!.. The way of life here however... is not for me. I am not really a fan of technology and every one's obsession with it ( we have become the Jetsons and it is CRAZY). I don't like the fast paced rat race everyone seems to be part of, and I hope I never again have to work indoors under fluorescent lights... just not my style, but I understand it is perfect for some people. Unless I am to settle down on a farm similar to the one I grew up on (will be a while!),  I think for now, Canada will be a wonderful place to visit little and feeding a horse.

 My original plan was to head down to Cancun and look for dive jobs with a good friend, but I seemed to get the feeling that I may be sitting around with little work until Christmas. I thought, why would I sit around waiting for work in all inclusive ville,  Mexico (also not my style); when I could have a job come Christmas in a place I know and LOVE. The people are AMAZING, warm and welcoming; the beaches and diving are BEAUTIFUL; and there is a sense of community EVERYONE should experience. This place is LITTLE CORN ISLAND.
photo by:
Brendan Lewis

The decision was made..

But now.....How do I leave the fast paced life I am expected to live now if I don't have the opportunity to earn the money needed to live until December?

About a year ago on Little Corn I met a lady ( much older than my self), that had cycled from northern Alaska, to Nicaragua. She inspired me. After that long distance cycling was always something I thought I would do one day. If she could do it I could do. (apparently Dolphin Dive inspired her too... she is now a dive master on the pacific coast of panama!) . The decision was easy.


At first, I did not consider the possibility of doing it to raise money for the benefit of others. It would be for my benefit alone. But it did not take long to realize the opportunity at hand; with a little more effort, I could help those less fortunate than myself.....and it was an EASY decision as to where money raised would go. The people of Little Corn, are a beautiful and welcoming group of people,  however, to have a chance in the world the way it has become.... they need help. They do not have a very good school system (at all), and they are selling out their land faster than is sustainable.(another tale for another time). All it takes is to friend these people on facebook or speak to a child about school to realize they need help to compete in this global economy they will inevitably be required to.

 What my plan to do is:
Ride my bicycle the approximate 6, 840km (4, 250mi) from Calgary to Bluefields ( the city you catch the boat to Corn Islands). I will buy all the required gear ( about $1, 600 plus food), only to be reimbursed if I surpass the fundraising goal necessary to complete the learning center ( over $ 7000.  but the exact number is as of yet,unknown).

The goal of the learning center is to provide computers for use (initially 30), a vocational library, and other services that will broaden the horizons and open learning opportunities to these people they never thought possible.

Please, IF you can, donate...maybe not now if you not convinced, but as I cross borders, bank hundreds, thousands of km or miles, and get closer to reaching my goal!If you can't donate..follow my trip, spread the word, make it known I am working to help these people and others should too!! I have no doubt in the world that I will make it to Nicaragua...I'm not 100% sure it will be before Christmas, but I'm gonna try ( Adam/boss man, I promise I will let you know if I have doubts in time for you to get another instructor for Christmas!!). But my main worry is that I make it to the island without sufficient funding... I will not stop trying until the learning center is fully functional...please help, everything helps...EVERYTHING.

here is a link to my fundraising page:                       
out!! Everything helps!!

One day...I will have a charity of my own, it is my dream!
but for now Common Threadz is an good, existing non profit organization, with a similar goal in a place I care about that needs help

Thanks for reading, I am new to blogging..... I realize that this probably isn't the NORMAL format for a blog, but I don't think a single person would describe ANYTHING I do as normal. and I'm fine with that! but feel free to criticise.

I will be posting more along route:photos, routes, experiences, etc., as often as my travels allow.
They will not be as long as this novel..... I just feel this is a necessary background to myself and my The last bike I owned I got for getting honours in Grade 1.... wish me luck!
- Steph

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  1. Great start on the the blog for your trip Steph! We'll all be rooting for you!